Thanks to averiecooks for the photograph.

Sharp words from small tongues,
cut quick their own threads.
Dangling the immediate future-
peril perpetual
at the hands of fate.
Self destruction by a cookie.


Don’t undermine the thoughtful
Don’t dissipate their souls
Don’t further ruination
Tight noosed upon the boughs

Don’t push them towards and ending
Don’t let beginnings stutter
Don’t Worry them with wisdoms
Tight noosed in breezes flutter

Don’t toss them to the fires
Don’t hail them with cheers
Don’t turn an eye in blinding
Tight noosed, full swinging fears

Don’t let them have a moment
Don’t have them save the world
Don’t fill their minds with dreams
Tight noosed they’re fast unfurled

Don’t stop them now from speaking
Don’t fasten tight hard chains
Don’t falter them in missions
Tight noosed, our voices lamed

Negative Space

In negative spaces the truest form of existence lies.
All things that are
eventually are not.
All things that begin
inevitably must end.
In this, leaving only absence and emptiness
on a universal scale.
This vastness however lonely,
from a particularly human experience
is in and of itself
both horrifying
and awe inspiring
in the same moment
realizing that one is nothing
From nothing
but holds within that nothingness potential
it’s potential that those negative spaces contain
and a blaring flash of existance occurs from that.
All the stars and worlds and dimensions
that are or ever will be
are blasted into an unyielding form
that holds strong upon each fleeting second
with talons sharp at first
but dulling
slowly dulling
to the withered, weakened claws
grasping for its place in time
the cycle repeats
existence                     non-existence
existence                     non-existence
existence                     non-existence
but the constant is the lack
and the potential
that which all humankind and its works fall under
we are from nothing
yet within us
everything is possible

Lost am I

Thanks to Culture Push for the photograph.

lost I am in vast pools of emerald steel
that glistens, blisters with petals of intensity
blazing through the night skies essence
at me

lost I am within the comprehending darkness
of centers center
where all is found and all forgiven
where salty oceans ebb and flow in short years
and beam in long

lost am I

lost am I