Thanks to Digitalcosmonaut for the photograph.

O’ unknown shadows held
in spoken silence,
more lengthy than absence are you.
Endowed in willing subterfuge
and growing in lost cause
cheers echo emptiness at your arrival.
And hopes – enveloped in a death shroud,
set aflame
and forgiven of their childish ways.


Thanks to Mutablend for the photograph.

a suns reflection
on my eyes
I see a world with
paint splashed skies
and scattered clouds
from constant motion
airborne waves
the size of oceans
gently floating
‘cross the sky
from here to there
day on day
into the night
where the sun shines less
and whispers move
from chest to chest
and fires burn
our small world
that’s for the taking
by each their own
a rightful place
within the light
that shines my face