Little White Lights

Thanks to ILoveAllaah for the photograph.

I see right through you
that toothless smirk
masking true intentions
you’re slide of hand
cunning wiles
agless on the tongue
theĀ irreparable reaper of men alive

and here we stand exposed

the misdirected fear you reign down
to calm calamities preemptive
brazenly stares at the heart
while the blade inched near
glistening anticipation
feral verocity

and here we stand exposed

each telling you grow larger
consuming all involved
I look past translucent empires
to see the child within the beast
staring at the stars
and saying that he’s been there

and here we stand exposed


The Singles

Thanks to peperonity for the photograph.

they say loneliness is an unsavory situation
self-inflicted instances brought on by choice
expedited by a mindset of rigidity
too-this, too-that, not enough of either
by the perpetrator or the perpetrated
irrelevance reeks across this line of thought
shadowing the intentions of an individual
with the expectations of the masses

is single still that bad?

I see a culture steeped in disloyalty
drowning and choking on self-righteous anger
blasting forward the youthful minds to degredation
yet fully expecting individuals to be happy together
cohabitations been more difficult as of late
and I see less and less solidarity among them

is single still that bad?

the states of mind shallow further in mud
fantastic ideas stick as they’re sinking
the problem isn’t with loneliness at all
it begins on what’s considered alone
too many by far feel that in a crowd
many more than that at home

is single still that bad?

a war declared on loneliness
must by one on culture bred ideas
of what is and isn’t an individual concept
alone does not mean lost
alone does not mean broken
alone is for each what it is

is single still that bad?

Timeless Dreams

Thanks to Lee Jeffries for the photograph.

who’s to say we’ll live forever
I’d like to meet that man and
shake his greasy palms
hear his tales of youth eternal
in which all is beautiful
never dull, drab, or painful
and always, always listless
sometimes truths taste bitter sweet

I’d ask how forever young would benifit
greater than the adventure of unknown
how could the same perpetuated
to infinite degrees
entice the world from reality
sometimes truths taste bitter sweet

the self inflicted darkness so many suffer from
grows a longer shadow with each honeyed word spoken
absorbed and resisted dutifully by each
more and more – fewer than few
soon we’ll all be lost in this idea?
sometimes truths taste bitter sweet