Moons Over Endurance

Thanks to Jason Hines for the photograph.

each layer is a moment caputred
which holds within more meanings
buried yet exposed openly
unknown in obviousness
looked over in brazen hubris
yet holding keys to doors
long ago forgotten


6 thoughts on “Moons Over Endurance

      • Beautifully said, the photograph caused me to think of all the layers to a person there are- all the masks we wear and how when they are peeled back there is still the concept of a person that exists. The person we actually are rather than the personas we have created. Thank you very much for the compliment 🙂

      • Beautiful work you are doing brother.

        Poetry for me is inner work- transformation. I’m compelled to share this with you.

        Poems lost
        Within the maze
        Of an emotional

        Long may my
        Heart be broken.

        A broken heart
        Is an open heart.

        This is the wound
        I always wished.

        This is the Gift.

        The river runs
        Through me now.

        Wild and free.

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