Aspect of Stars

Thanks to itsdanielle91 for the photograph.

her eyes of many hues
shine as a broken star
luminescent particles shimmer
iridescence in infinite amounts
to dazzle upon the minds of gods
the impression of galactic perfections
achieved solely in a moment by her eyes
of many hues


2 thoughts on “Aspect of Stars

  1. The diction is so on point! It feels euphoric, psychedelic, but it doesn’t read like “stoner poetry”. The picture is also a really interesting pre-text to the poem. “the impression of galactic perfections”, i’d definitely love to hear more about this line.good luck with future writing!

    • Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate the comment ;D the line you refer to is more of the beauty that each person may take – in the eye of the beholder kinda of way – when they see the muse that stops their breath and allows for them to lose touch for just a moment before rushing back to reality on a busy street or while passing by. The galactic perfections are those small moments that we quickly forget its origins but its impression lasts forever and influences us more than we thought possible.

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