Stone Stories


Thanks to ohbiteme for the photograph.
Inspired by jclarkrosa’s Little Bear’s Stones of Purpose.

on to the waterfall whispers
that show clear the way
to the ending of worlds
or the sky bright with day
therein lies the keeper
of the truths not oft told
and to which the stones stories
are kept strong in hold
to be outright let free
when the time is just right
so that the young may grow old
if only with wisdom in plight
each story it’s said
will move mountains if heard
from the wars to the setting
of the worlds quite preferred
and the bears of the tale
that hold on by hairs
learn all that patience brings
by just one who cares


4 thoughts on “Stone Stories

  1. I am honored to read this wonderful poem. I am very pleased to read such beautiful poetry. And to think that a little bear and a waterfall could inspire you so! You are very talented, my friend:)

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