Family Tree

Thanks to Gostworks for the photograph.

the anonymity provided by technology
shares words with the pseudonyms author
an alter ego develops – falls then falters
with fatal character flaws
it stalls at the alter of images and words big grand design
that pushes forward the birth
of the digitally inclined
to return to their roots
of paints in decline

and the musics distant cousin – spoken word
splits down the middle a broken herd
who choose only one
never the other bird
that sings to their soul just a little

instead the fickle brittle tale
told by the authors stale pale brethren of poetry
says “woe is he who fails to see the power possessed by each”
and floating past the prose fast cast of a dripping, slowing
sleeping, glowing giant high on the bean top clouded sentry
our entry barred by gentry gently blowing storms and winds headway towards
our elementary point of entry

“push on forward” the author says
with wise-like words upon our heads
he places thirds of crowns embed
-ed with gems and jewels alike
the shine he says
so bright it might just hike the mind to endless plains
and the chains that harangue the gang
to the livid lame
are lifted as insisted by the author

before it’s twisted make a list and
move it to the household parlor
so all my see
the sweet journey
that brings the life
to the words we breathe


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