Elder Wisdom

Thanks to wallfive for the photograph.

at summers noon I seek the oldest man
of whom his wisdoms’ spoke with great intent
a mountain climbed to meet a hidden clan
within the alcove of their malcontent

his eyes were dulled from ageless badinage
the hands, scripturient in dreamlessness
forever reaching for a words collage
his tongues remorse had taken tasteless kiss

yet in his mind the sharpest dagger sworn
implanted perfectly in coldest stone
and in that darkened monument was born
the knowledge of a life to not bemoan

my wisdom sought was never found and yet
the war within my mind had been beset


4 thoughts on “Elder Wisdom

  1. I absolutely adore this. It thrills me when I find rhyming take such a beautiful and lyrical form. I love the message and the language you use throughout. Reowr!

    • You are poetic even in the comments you write, which speaks of a soul sensitive to beauty and art. I am hardly well spoken, and your talent, in my opinion, is greater than my own. This is not modesty, but simple truth.

      • Ah let us be of equal modesty then, honeyed words flow from both our minds and shine out on our paltry papers enlightening those fortunate enough to hap across them to at least read (and hopefully enjoy) our grossly inadequate works. Regardless though, I have greatly enjoyed your work and after the first visit I became a theif, of stealing a “works” page from you – splendid idea 🙂

      • Poetry drips from every word you write. I can’t keep up. I encourage a Works page, even if just for yourself, as it makes it easier to find your work.

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