A Drop In The Bucket

Thanks to wallpoper for the photograph.

there is a flickering reality
that you and I cannot quite see
a broad stroked canvas meant for me
it spills on out and overflows
colors words and those who chose
the right (or wrong) “In” style of clothes…
tell them now to buy it quick!
before the channel change goes -click-
“I’m unforgiven” spoke the sick

you see the homeless starving sullen
move on past don’t stop to love them
rather see the governed gunmen
push them to the side now quickly!
move it faster we’ve been busy
watching all the world grow grizzly
all blood soaked, bullet-holed and dizzy
now turn the picture flipped down over
see the world we live in bolder

can’t let them see you feel,
seem colder

don’t love those who don’t have money
praise the stars who think its funny
to own it all and not share one cent
with a starving child, the innocent
and hands reached out seem indignant
to touch up close and feel the pain
they seem to lose all they have gained
ten times over, shame breeds the same…

now a question posed to you

have we all become this too?
an inadvertent hateful spew
that blows on strong while smiling savvy
looking good while praying sadly
and cruising past who needs us badly

so lets do this, turn all those off
perpetuate a goodness oft
forgot in times of careless thought
lets learn the names our dearest neighbor
give the gifts of love and labor
strip the chains of a mindless slaver
move into improve our families
this place, our world, lets do it rabidly
no need to stop, slow down, or abandon me
because our words intertwine a fantasy

it seems sometimes I dream a dream
with so much joy it stays unseen
and yet a hopeful infinite being
in me resides for all to glean
we move and move
lets move together
right here right now
until forever
let it flow, don’t block the river
I’ve moved beyond this small endeavor
since my eyes have just been opened
I see the world just like I’ve spoken
no longer tattered, beat, and broken

forget the ads that breathe sweet lies
and hold the hearts of too many lives
tear them down lets see the skies
the sun shines through and warms the world
all homes all dreams are now unfurled
for each to see the fears far hurled
as far as arms will let them

so now that we have freshened
lets take a little rest then
and step out to the west end
where the sunset paints the sky
I clearly see with my minds eyes
this future we can’t drive by
so come with me, let the time fly

there is a flickering reality
that you and I cannot quite leave
a painted canvas out for free
it spills on out an overflows
makes oceans deep for those who chose
to listen to my paltry prose
at least I hope, I do suppose
our lights are moved near end on close
the wicker burns low then explodes
with the power and force of a thousand blows

slowly now
lets peek and ponder
on the path that we have wandered
forget-me-nots from here to yonder

hold these words and make them action
move the earth don’t be reactive
I’ll jump first
Lets make this happen


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