Thanks to Business Insider for the photograph.

in a room aflow with worry
the question why arise
do worlds words make so hurried
the lies tied to demise
even eons later
buried deep beneath the tides
the sinking sea of solace
of the man who once had died
and in his place a shell was stood
all memories intact
his eyes were dull blank pallid broke
a state of simple fact
that he was not himself
for himself lay long ago
upon the ground by tooth filled hounds
that raged against his soul
each moment tore in flesh and bone
he swears for what is owed
the blood bond broke his hands would choke
the life his words made foe


3 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. I have nominated you for both the Sunshine Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope that you will accept these along with my congratulations and pass them onto blogs that you love! (: See the rules at

    • You’re welcome! Please feel no pressure to complete all of the rules. I just wanted you to know that your blog was appreciated. 🙂

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