The Deal

Thanks to Theater 120 section 301 for the photograph.

Sitting on a subway quiet
those around fell silent
unmotioned in activity
a man approached me “I sent
for you an age ago why
have you not responded?”
dumbfounded with my jaw agape
I look to see I’m grounded
and not in dream or stupors trust.
The man sits merely smiling
he greets me with a hearty shake
his eyes full brim with lying
“Names Sam” he says with tip of hat
“and yours is James I know,
you’re wondering whats going on
well I’m just here to show
you possible the world anew
with help from me assured
just sign right on the dotted line
and all your dreams be heard”
I asked “what cost do deals have
upon my heart and soul”
“Never ever one cent more
exactly what I’m owed.”
A smile broke across his lips
inviting, warm, and welcome
then a look came in his eye
like I were there to help him
my hand he took a single prick
and smeared it on the paper
a sense of dread then filled my head
a single thought
to save her
“Good deal my sir! Fantastic deal indeed!”
He leapt up quick
“I’ll attend to every need”
“What have I done” I dumbly muttered
while knowing full and well
the devils deal I had made
condemned my soul to hell
the subway screeched to my suprise
it woke me, mind and body
the man had gone
the papers drawn
alone and broken oddly.
Two more stops before I’m done
i rushed home quick to see
my lifelong love lost on the floor
in pools of blood was she
I moved the knife and looked her over
screaming “Help me please!”
but no one came but good old Sam
smiling like disease
I yelled at him “I want to change!
I want to take it back!”
But Sam just sighed and plainly said
“Its here right in your contract.
Once its signed all dreams be heard
fortune fame and health.
I’m here to give you all these things
as per our dealing dealt.
So here take this
a lotto tag
worth more than you have ever had
I’ll even help you out some more
on the house- from me.”
With that he nodded to the floor
where sweet my love had been
nothing there yet now remained
except a shiny sheen.
I turned swift back to empty door and stood there for a time.
Then creaked shut the door and sat there numbly blind.
The next few days went by with sloth
the fame from fortune was spent
to search and find the lost
two weeks had passed and still I lay
and still I poured all I had
into pray
to find her and help her
that its not too late
till finally news
an amazing break.
But the man who told me
his eyes did state
of the subway date, the eyes that told
untruths and falsehoods
as any as bold
He said “We found her but sir,”
“Where” I yelled, “is she OK!?”
“Beneath the ground sir,
near your old home
with a knife in the bag
which was casually thrown.
to the back of a trail
frequently roamed
but a child sir found her
a child did stop
and see her lying there
and ran for some help”
I fell to the floor
and wept sweet sweet tears
for this man had confirmed
all of my fears
he said “Now sir
you’ll need to come
to the station a bit
we’ve some question
as to when this all happened
your print’s on the knife
and the bag and the tools
used to murder your wife
so you’re coming with us
to become long forgotten
with the fortune and fame
that came from sheer luck
i’m sure you’ll live a long
a long life
in your muck.”
With that he did smile
one so familar
that was warm and was welcome
and his eyes they dead shimmered.


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