Thanks to CrystalLinks for the photogra
ph. Information on Ajax.

bulwark of the Achaeans,
King of old Salamis
grandson to the god
a man of strength and promise

with Hectors sword apoint
a bronzed hide shield shines
no wounds inflicted did he ‘noint
Poseidon’s staff his only shrine

a duel between two legends
each honored in their time
no Teucer as he beckoned
to pierce their eyes and blind

lost was he to Hector
whose father favored more
heralds held conjecture
an everlasting war

in prayers to his fathers
he wished the sun not hide
no longer would the fog remain
for them to fight or die

the armor of Achilles
the prize for one to take
Odysseus words lilies
did speak his way to great

in anguish heroes falter
upon his sword he fell
to end on bitter alter
a silent self made hell


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