Thanks to AnhPo for the photograph.

Tired, piercing, green eyes stare out at a sleepy world. Soft features darken as shadows push over drab surroundings; an attempt to overwhelm her beauty. A looming sky with clouds that contrast her fire red hair; rain beings to fall, lightly wetting the path along a cracked and beaten sidewalk. Lamplight flickers and flashes in an evening gray. A loosed dog digging through rubble looks at her soft pale features intently for but a moment before returning to his search. Her pace quickened at the strength of the rain increased. Looking up she breathed slight in wonder and question. Before her stood a statue of marbled magnificence; an angel whose wings spread out as an invitation to enter. Holding a chalice and a sword that looked as though it was gilded once. But no more. She pauses for just a moment, standing in a rain now pouring and this is where peace exists. No one can see her tears. Moving forward something has changed. The sidewalk seems less cracked and the sky no longer seems to be flooding with sorrow. But bringing an opportunity for new life. “Those tears are now behind me.”


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