Business as Usual

Thanks to Just Writing to Write for the photograph.

falsehoods rise up
and climb the sky
the moon and sun come closer
earthen shadows die

an oceans roar against the stone
to wear and drag it down
sole looming shades grow so faint
as devils wear the crown

no tree will grow nor flower bloom
the rivers all’ve run dry
cold air so bare and stale-dead
not breath enough for flies

intrepid souls seek not the way
obscured by ruthless lies
their hearts drum on day by day
all hope seems compromised

no gleam of such in lands so frail
a void too great to fill
all deadened eyes look dull up high
upon a fallow hill

it’s there those greedy demons stand
and smile draped in gold
upon the skulls of men
they dance both brazen’d bold

in all their hands disguised by rings
they hold a simple candle
and with each of this the flicker flame
the pour the wax and ramble

speaking in the tongues of old
and leaning lewd a near
they whisper each in ears of men
the sun is almost here


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