Sleepy Seedy

Thanks to Maranzlia for the photograph.

Time and time
I find my mind
is trapped behind
a sleepless dream
eyes wide up
I schlup and sup
from any cup
boil’d over steam
minds do wander
from here to yonder
come jaunt and saunter
a gracious being
for never ever
would I be so clever
to say I know
my sleepless dreams


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Seedy

  1. Very crafty, clever creation creeping from the cauldron of your cranium! I too do not pretend to know the goings-on between my ears while asleep or even awake. Inspiration steams as fast as it cools, our muse sipping circumstance. Hope you are having a great day and thanks for sharing this poem at a rolling boil 🙂

    • thank you sir for the compli-errr
      thanks of kind
      est words for my such simple phrase
      that let the thoughts
      pour from the gourds that
      how you say
      absurdest bird
      we call our mind
      in time i see a turn
      return on basic points
      of thanks to you
      so thanks

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