I’m an unintended individual
unknown among my home.
Lost among my family willows,
eyes drooped within the sun.
Fearing tall the cloudburst
that brings down brows on high.
To reign upon my crown of mud
as laughs roll in the sky.


Thanks to Digitalcosmonaut for the photograph.

O’ unknown shadows held
in spoken silence,
more lengthy than absence are you.
Endowed in willing subterfuge
and growing in lost cause
cheers echo emptiness at your arrival.
And hopes – enveloped in a death shroud,
set aflame
and forgiven of their childish ways.

Inner Blindness

My minds eye sits at the back of a darkened cave.
Cramp quarters and blackness hold both prison and palaver,
whispering nonessential nothings with pure intent.
To a dull and echoing drip drip drip of unknown liquid
that gleams and glistens with the brilliance
of blinded stone.


The lost lights flickered low in the arid evening.
Acidic scents of overly perfumed bosoms held bare in judgment.
Who is this moon that reveals my imperfections?
Who am I to question the wisdom of the wise men?
Flickering down to a candles breath the dim world blurs.
As we are all but in a cave wishing shadows on the wall.


Don’t undermine the thoughtful
Don’t dissipate their souls
Don’t further ruination
Tight noosed upon the boughs

Don’t push them towards and ending
Don’t let beginnings stutter
Don’t Worry them with wisdoms
Tight noosed in breezes flutter

Don’t toss them to the fires
Don’t hail them with cheers
Don’t turn an eye in blinding
Tight noosed, full swinging fears

Don’t let them have a moment
Don’t have them save the world
Don’t fill their minds with dreams
Tight noosed they’re fast unfurled

Don’t stop them now from speaking
Don’t fasten tight hard chains
Don’t falter them in missions
Tight noosed, our voices lamed